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Message from PERC's founder

Dan M. Cooper, MD, founder of UC Irvine's Pediatric Exercise and Genomics Research Center
UC Irvine Health
Pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Dan M. Cooper founded the Pediatric Exercise and Genomics Research Center at UC Irvine to study how exercise in childhood contributes to long-term health.

Now is the time to make children's health a priority

We are at a true crisis point in children's health in our country and around the globe.

Otherwise healthy children are at risk for lifetime illnesses, such as heart disease and stroke, simply because they are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

Children with serious health problems, even life-threatening diseases such as leukemia or sickle-cell anemia, are not getting the lifelong health benefits that  appropriate exercise can provide.

But the knowledge gap between what we know about the health benefits of exercise in childhood — and what we need to know — is huge.

Pediatric science has not focused research efforts on gaining fundamental information about how something as seemingly simple as exercise can advance health.

The time to transform our approach, to change and to innovate is now. The Pediatric Exercise and Genomics Center can lead the nation in this effort.

Dan M. Cooper, MD
Associate Vice Chancellor, Clinical and Translational Science
Director, UC Irvine Institute for Clinical and Translational Science
Principal Investigator, UC Irvine Clinical Translational Science Award
Professor of Pediatrics and Biomedical Engineering